Quick Patriotic Project

Here’s a quick and easy project that uses the red, white, and blue theme to add a Patriotic accent to your home.

You’ll need:
1 Mason Jar
Burlap Ribbon*
Blue Ribbon with Stars
Red, Ivory, and Blue Embroidery Thread
Gorilla Glue

Cut both ribbons to fit around jar.  Using the Gorilla glue, place some dots on the edges of the blurlap and glue to the jar.  Let this dry.  While it’s drying, use the embroidery thread to make a friendship bracelet type braid.  Measure the mouth of the jar and double or triple the threads length, depending on the braid type the length will shrink.  I made a fish tail braid, but you could do a regular braid or knots, have fun with it.  Using at least six pieces of thread to give it thickness, knot one end and braid, then knot the end of it to prevent the braid from unraveling.  Trim ends so they are even. Once the burlap ribbon is dry, glue on the blue ribbon.  Finally tie the braided thread around the mouth of the jar.  Fill the jar with flowers, flags, or whatever you would like and enjoy.

*Note get the burlap ribbon slightly wider than the blue ribbon for a layered effect.

Happy crafting!

❤ Always,



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