Last Minute Gift Ideas for Her

Let’s face it most men wait until the absolute last minute to buy any gift – from Christmas to an anniversary salespeople will tell you the husband or boyfriend always has that look of desperation because they have no idea what to get her.  It’s not that hard guys, I put together a simple list with some gift ideas to help you through this age old dilemma.


I’m not sure what it is about jewelry that really intimidates guys, but it really doesn’t have to be that hard.  You don’t have to come home with a Tiffany’s box to make her happy (although that wouldn’t hurt).  Fun bracelets like Swarovski’s gemmed leather bracelet wraps or Mantraband’s inspirational cuffs are reasonable options running from $30 – $60 that will sure to please. 

Beauty Products

Women spend over $426 billion a year on beauty products, so it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong getting her a beautiful gift set of her favorite hair product, lotion, or make up.  Take a sneak peak in her beauty draw or the shower to see what she uses.  During the holidays a lot of stores offer beautiful gift sets that include multiple products for a discounted price.  Even if the set doesn’t include all the products she uses, if it is her favorite brand she will be impressed. 


Perfume is also a lovely gift idea, since you are the one smelling her pick something out you like.  Sephora has a great perfume sample pack that is another option – you buy a nice selection of sample perfumes that comes with a gift certificate for a full size.  After she tests out the samples she can go back to the store to get the full size of the one she likes.

Support a Hobby

Gift cards can be very impersonal, but if you tap into a special interest or hobby a gift certificate can be a great option.  For instance, if she likes to cook a cooking class at Sur La Tab is a great option.  Present the gift with a few small items from the store, for instance if you get the cooking class pair it with a fancy wooden spoon and whisk – most stores will help wrap the gift and make it look great.  A photography, art, or gardening class are other ideas that can be fun if she is interested in those types of activities. 


If the lady in your life has a closet full of purses, scarves, hats, and gloves then odds are she likes to accessorize her outfits.  Don’t just go to the large department store and pick up the basic glove set that is on sale.  Check out some more unique stores like Charming Charlie for some inexpensive fun finds or if you have a higher budget go to Anthropologie for a luxurious treasure.  She will appreciate you going the extra mile. 

Finally, just remember some key things when figuring out what to get her. Pay extra attention, during the holidays or other important events she will most likely drop hints of what she wants, listen carefully and write yourself a note in your phone when she mentions something.  Use your resources, ask her friends or family if they have any ideas, when you are at a store as the sales lady for assistance, she is sure to guide you in the right direction.   Be nosy, snooping isn’t a great behavior of a significant other unless you are looking for hints for gifts.  Look in her closet and cabinets to see what brands or products she likes, you will get extra points if bring home her favorite product.  If you are stuck on what to get her – ask her…she will be happy to provide ideas and it will be much better than you getting her the standard PJs or boring gift card.  If you put a in little effort your honey will be grateful this holiday season or during any special occasion. 

Happy Shopping!


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