Summer Caprese Salad

Want a tasty caprese salad that’s quick and easy? This tomato, mozzarella, and basil pasta salad is fresh, healthy and always a hit with crowds.  Whether you need to bring a pasta salad to a friend’s BBQ or want a fun snack for the beach this is my go to salad from June to September.


4 Cups Grape Tomatoes
1 Cup Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
5 Garlic Cloves
5 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 lb Cavatappi
5 Leaves of Basil
1/4 Cup of Pecorino Romano Grated Cheese
1 Cup Diced Mozzarella

Pre heat oven to 350°.  Cover a sheet pan with aluminium foil.  Spread washed whole tomatoes on pan. Place four garlic cloves un-skinned on the pan and cover with one tablespoon of olive oil.  Drizzle two tablespoons of olive oil on the tomatoes and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Place tomatoes and garlic in the oven for 18 to 20 minutes until some tomatoes skins have popped and garlic has softened.


Boil a pot of water for the Cavatappi, once water is boiled add pasta and some salt.  Stir pasta immediately so it doesn’t stick and cook for about six to eight minutes  (check package for time).

Drain pasta and place in a large bowl.  Immediately add the rest of the oil and cheese, stir the pasta and cheese mixture.

Take tomatoes out of the oven and let cool. Once cool, add tomatoes as well as any remaining oil from the pan to the pasta, carefully stir trying not to break tomatoes.


Put basil, peeled roasted garlic, and one raw clove of garlic in a chopper.


Chop until everything is minced.


Add to pasta and stir.

Slice the mozzarella and dice into cubes, add to the salad.


Serve salad room temperature and enjoy, refrigerate left overs.

Happy Cooking!

❤ Always,


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