Go Bananas!

20160519_063824-COLLAGEDoes baking intimidate you? With this Banana Crumb Muffin recipe you don’t have to be intimidated, it’s a great recipe for baker novices as well as veterans who are looking for an easy,  delectable muffin.  I’ve been using this recipe for over five years and it has been a fan favorite.  The muffins are between a sweet breakfast pastry and cupcake.  I’ll make it for brunches and holidays, to bring into work, or just because I have some ripened bananas that I need to use.  The recipe is foolproof, I have definitely missed a step or added the wrong measurement and the end result was always great.  I’ve also substituted one banana for an apple or pear and the muffins came out delicious.  I imagine there are lots of enhancements you can make to this recipe, like adding a pinch of cinnamon to the batter or adding nuts or oats to the topping.  So try this recipe to make some tasty banana muffins that folks will go bananas over!

Happy Cooking!

❤ Always,


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